Core Strength

What is your favorite core exercise?

When plank, push-ups or any weight- bearing yoga poses don't work for you, should try this 👍

Step 1.

Support your thighs with hands, lift your shin one at a time. Keep your back straight without neck strain💆‍♂️💆‍♀️ but keep your knee bent is absolutely fine~~(Never harm your hamstring🙅‍♀️)



Step 2.

Put your hands down behind you, again, draw your shoulder blades down with no tension and lift both shins at the same time💣



Step 3. 'Low boat' to 'High boat'

In inhaling, lower down👇 and in exhaling, come back up high👆 Repeat🔥 (Only move to the next step if your breathing is easy and steady🙊) .

Step 4.

Float your body without hands and smile~~😊 Tag your friends to join our wrist free👐 yet strong yoga workout 💥

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