🔆 Day 1 - Yoga for Core Strength . . Do you want to get fit with strong core muscles, flat belly, slim waist or need to protect and heal yourself from any back pain? If your answer is YES 🙆🏻‍♀️, let’s take action and make it happen NOW 👊 . . . You will experience all different Core strengthening poses through 7-day yoga challenge with me. If you are new to yoga, it will be a good starter and if you’re an experienced yogi, it can be a good warm-up to prepare some advanced, strong practice(armbalances, inversion poses, etc). . . No matter what intention you have in the moment, you will discover your infinitive energy, potential strength, self-confidence and beauty within yourself. . . Are you ready to fire a Light?✨ . . 🐦 🐶 Bird Dog Crunch pose (Day 1) . . This pose has helped me a lot to heal my back pain and improve my body posture👨‍💻 . 1️⃣Keep your back flat in your all four position(table top shape), extend your right arm 💪 in front of you, and leg 🦵 behind as you inhale . 2️⃣As you balance your body with single leg, single arm, you can draw your elbow to the knee as exhale. This is where you need to engage your ‘deep’ core strength . 3️⃣Repeat as many as you desire, then come back to the starting point to take a short break . 4️⃣Switch sides when ready. Connect with the breath as you take it slow 🔁 it will create more space and possibility for you to keep it on.

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