The New World yoga pose

I still remember how my partner was reacting after trying this pose for the very first time.

“Wow, Hayeon.. it’s a new world!”




Even though he couldn’t reach his fingers down to the floor over the head, he said he felt amazingly opened and relaxed. Yes, this is the art of yoga, beauty of this posture

If no blocks at home, no worries. Use any pillows or cushions you have!

1. First, place it under your shoulder blade(women’s bra line) and the other one should be under your head.

2. If you don’t feel comfortable, then adjust the height of your props.(I choose the highest level this time, but sometimes lower level feels just fine, too)

Remember, Yoga shouldn’t torture anyone’s body, should serve YOU)

3. You can straighten legs or bend knees to the side just like ‘butterfly’ shape) 🦋

4. Close your eyes and breathe into the chest, shoulder, maybe armpits or triceps wherever you feel the most.

You will love it😍

🙏Pls do let me know how you use it and how it feels on your upper body! And if you have any question or there’s something not clear, need more explanation, comment below. I’m here for you!


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